Don’t join Hive!

Don’t join Hive if you just want to earn crypto, but join Hive to create quality contents.

Join a community of artists, bloggers, musicians, photographers, advocates, and a lot more.

Hive. A blockchain created in 2020 as a fork of the Steem blockchain.

It’s your way to create decentralized contents and while earn HIVE tokens (cryptocurrency) with every corresponding rewards of all the votes you receive and give. Be a part of the growing numbers of curators earning rewards through voting quality contents.

REMINDER: Securely save your keys on your device to maintain access to the blockchain.

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With Hive you can access its Decentralized Applications (DApps) where you can create contents.

Access DApp sites such as PeakD and sign in with HiveSigner using your private keys. After signing in, you can now use the site to post quality contents of any genre.

PeakD is a portal to post and vote quality contents.

Find more Hive DApps at with a list of all DApps made for entertainment, finance, and productivity, and others.

Hive Fish Scales

Upon starting, you will have 0HP or Hive Power. Higher Hive Power allows you to do more actions inside the Hive Blockchain, such as posting, voting, commenting, and updating your profile.

🐟 Redfish 0+ HP

🐟 Minnows 500+ HP

🐬 Dolphins 5K+ HP

🦈 Sharks 50K+ HP

🐋 Whales 500K+ HP

Curation & Rewards System

Your Resource Credits will enable you do actions which is connected to your Hive Power, higher Hive Power will raise your Resource Credits and Voting Value.

Voting enables the blockchain to give rewards to quality contents by rewarding the creator of the content, giving back to the Hive, and rewards you as well.

Conserve your votes, vote only for quality contents to improve the quality of the blockchain.

FUN TIP! Voting does not reduce your tokens.

As a default, claiming rewards will give you Hive Power and HBD or Hive Backed Dollars, depending on the estimated value of your contents.

You have also an option to change rewarding by 50% HP and 50% HBD, 100% HP, or decline rewards.

So consistent posting of quality contents especially on relevant communities will give you higher curation rewards from curators and other users.

Power Up

Power up or staking is converting you HIVE tokens into Hive Power, thus increasing your overall Voting Power and Resource Credits. You will earn extra HIVE based on your current HP through inflation adjustments.

Power Down

Powering down is converting your Hive Power into HIVE tokens. This will reduce your Voting Power and Resource Credits. The process may take up to 13 weeks to complete.

HIVE token

HIVE tokens are liquid, meaning it can be converted to any supported currency/cryptocurrency anytime. Please take note that any services will require a transaction fee/s.


Communities are groups curating specific types of contents, some are about arts, poetry, food, travels, agriculture, crypto, and a lot more.

Subscribe to different Hive Communities you like and write post to that community to gain a wider audiencea and potential votes!

Learning Resources

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