I awakened from my death
To be awakened of death—
I was alive, yet poignant.
Life was not for a century to count
Or to be forgotten and sin.
I dreamt of a decade I did not own.
I dreamt of a time I cannot hold.
I lived firm and stern—
How cruel!
I have forgotten death.
Tomorrow is not mine and
Later is not assured,
But how fallible I was to craze on life
To have forgotten death?
It sank on me,
I cannot steal a day or more.
How audacious of me to live a year ahead!
I awakened from my sleep
To hear about death.
Should I lay in darkness
While I wait for my time?
Death defeated me to dream and to hope.
All of these I dreamt about will be lost,
And if I build then die,
Is it worth to begin at all?
I fear! I fear! I fear!
Yet, my fire was burning deep within me.
I have enough time today
To have the joy
To be alive for yet another day.

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Photo by Yuris Alhumaydy on Unsplash
© 2019 Onie Maniego and The Paper Drafts

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