The vessel swiftly flew forward,
Carrying the souls that longed for her.
Thunderstorms calmed and still,
Embracing her waist as she slept.
I see the familiar fields of the past—
The sea of grass, wide and vast.
Rolling hills dwarfed the dwellings
Like plump maiden breasts—
Fertile and abundant.
I am now home.
Sweet and grassy,
The scent of October
Surrounded my senses.
Freshly cut rice stalks wilt in joy—
Now fulfilled the wishes of their master.
Burning hay offered to bless the soil again—
Their souls reaching up to the heavens
In the deep scent of longing,
To come back home as storms.
To come and embrace her again.

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Photo by Sam Lee on Unsplash
© 2019 Onie Maniego and The Paper Drafts

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