Thin, effervescent light
Trickled down your lair,
A thick string of honey
Flowing into the crevices:
Awake and stand, child!
The paradise is a prison!
The paradise is in trouble!
Burn your innards and soul
As its poison gild the houses at night.
You are fed in gold and silvers,
So a glassfull of poison
Is as sweet as honey!
Delight in the sound of the trickling water.
Dance by the carnival of puppets.
Forget your home.
Forget me.
Your hands are now tied into the bedrock,
The oath of the old men.
The path of the hungry.
The wrath of me.
Awaken, my child!
Hear my voice:
Come back to me.
I sent you a chord—
To struck a music from your heart.
Follow where the scent of honey come from:
The thin, effervescent light
Of the corners to the passageway—
The door away from this prison.

Photo by Scott Eckersley on Unsplash
© 2019 Onie Maniego and The Paper Drafts

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