There are days when your shoulders give up from the weight of your burdens.

You fall into an abyss, deep and dark, and the negative thoughts overpower your reasoning.

“You dream too much.”

“You’re not gonna make it.”

“Why are you even trying?”

“Wherever you go, you’ll still be the same.”

“You’re a disappointment.”

“Someone is better than you.”

“You’re ugly.”

“You look funny.”

“Look, they are just making fun of you.”

These lines repeat inside you, hurting your own self with your own negative thoughts.

It isn’t always like this, there are days of bliss where you are beaming with hope and positivity.

There are days when you feel good about yourself and the people around you are the least to care about since you have yourself to nurture.

You wake up early, you eat healthy, and you have a to-do list—and you checked it all.

You smile, you are jumpy, and you are excited.

Then comes the day when you are not.

You listen to other people’s hurtful words.

You hear people pulling you down and not believing in what you do.

They say you’ve changed, you’re wrong, or you should stop dreaming.

But before you succumb into anxiety, start listening to others who believes in you.

Listen to those who are happy watching you on fire with passion and motivation.

Listen to the good things that your gut is telling you.

But for now, take it one day at a time.

Rest when you’re tired.

Find more time for yourself.

Stay away from people that drain you.

Keep doing what you believe is good for you.

It might take a long time for you—or others—to see the outcomes, but keep going.

Solitude on Tranquil Waters
Watercolor on Paper

Do things not please anyone or to prove someone wrong, but do things because you believe it the best for you and your future.

© 2019 Onie Maniego and The Paper Drafts

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