A minute passed.

Seconds increment, and another minute passed.

The city, surely, has bigger opportunities, but it slowly it eats away your idle time.

Stuck waiting for ride and stuck waiting in traffic, it could take an hour or more.

Multiply that for each day in your lifetime, what a waste of time!

Time, that could have been shared with family or made into art and books.

Honking and brakes, the ramblings and garbled conversations in the background, or city lights and dark alleys, the things that pass in my senses every night.

I wished I could write, but I had to close my eyes and rest.

I wished to paint, but I had to rest and wait until I arrive home.

Is this the rest of my life?

Is this what I remember before I die?

Is this my life?

No, I won’t allow!

Someday, this will be just a memory.

Someday, I’ll have an hour or more to paint and write.

Someday, I’ll have an hour or more to go outside and watch the night sky, or sleep early.

Someday, I will.

Backpack and Late Nights
Watercolor on Paper

Traffic at Night
Watercolor on Paper

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The Murmuring Embers
The Sailors of the Skies

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After 4PM
Kids Hideout

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