To take her from me, have a heart that loves everyday. You must learn to crave for her even on the bitterest days.

Have an undying soul, so when you keep dying everyday, you will still live again to keep loving her.

Have a strong heart to keep choosing her when she can’t choose you. Love her, and only her, even when she’s away.

Have a heart full of love, so when nothing is left, there’s still always love for her. Be there to love her and not to give more pains.

You can never fix her, but instead, love her broken pieces, for she will fix her not for you but for herself.

Listen to her, even when she becomes deaf of your words. Look only to her, even when she forgot to see you.

Love her irrational thoughts. Love her pains and deep sorrows. Hold her after she pushes you away. Hug her after she wants to be alone.

Follow her even when she don’t know where to go. Be in her darkness and dance with her demons, never to fight or awaken her wounds.

Burn in her fires, and only in her fires. Die in her coldness, and only in her coldness.

Love her at twilight. Love her day and night. Love her when you’re happy. Love her when you’re sad. Love her when you’re tired. Love her when you’re angry. Love her when you can’t understand.

So don’t waste her time when all you can do is want only a part of her.

Photo by Christiana Rivers Unsplash
© 2019 Onie Maniego and The Paper Drafts

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