Pearls afloat on the seas
on distant waves of the past,
fishes escape in mid air flight,
far into the edges of life.

Waves of time tugged the souls
where the heavens awaits them,
as they sing by the drums
and the trumpets of the sea.

Beaches kissed the sea
in white and black sands,
where trees sleep on the hills
and mountains fade into the clouds.

Ocean sings with the sun,
awaiting the warmth of its fires,
to give birth to the islands
and for jungles to meet the seas.

This poem is inspired to the rich history and nature that surrounds me, so beautiful but much of it are untold and forgotten in the past.

My thoughts are in the visions of the people of the past, the ancestors who first saw these islands as they traveled by their wooden ships, and who settled on these beautiful islands I see right now.

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Photo by Kamil Kalbarczyk on Unsplash
© 2019 Onie Maniego and The Paper Drafts


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