Only these were left to me when I look back. But I could still remember the roses I hid to surprise you or was I the one surprised with the “Yes.”

Love is not a paradise, but rather a maze of constant battles where we begin to embrace the evil and the wild within us.

It’s hard, difficult, and crazy, but we made it past more than a dozen and three. We’re both terrible at these things but thank you for keeping on hitting that try-again button with me. Like you said before, if it won’t work, let’s force it and not just letting it be.

It’s a rollercoaster ride, full of craze and manic and fun. Having someone who knows how the mind works is truly a gift. You’ve become my best friend and the calm in the storms.

I said I love you but I don’t know why, you hate it, but that’s where I hold on to because when it gets tough, I’d still be there loving you.

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Photo by Joel Overbeck on Unsplash
© 2018 Onie Maniego and The Paper Drafts

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