So when he finds peace of mind in worldly euphoria, he forgets the lives that connects to him.

It poisons his wife, his children, and his life. Blind of his acts and deaf of the pleas of his people.

He is forever chained by the soothing relief of the unending rollercoaster ride of grief and bliss.

The untamed dogs of the underworld, searches on the scent of his sins along the road to his hiding place.

And when darkness drapes the flutes that sang life, and when bugs destroys the orchestra that sings by the beat of the heart, swiftly the temple crumbles down.

As the ticking of the clock drains his blood, exchanging it with emptiness inside his veins.

And the knocks on his door, he fears, for he thought he was deaf but the thunderous wailing voices awaits him outside his home.

His heart beats for the last, echoing the coda until silence embraces the empty flesh, void of his traces – rotten by his vices.

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Photo by Sammie Vasquez on Unsplash
© 2018 Onie Maniego and The Paper Drafts

9 thoughts on “The Deathbed He Prepared

  1. Profound and powerful…! This poem paints a devastatingly honest portrait of our human frailties during and beyond life, and your words captured it brilliantly. Your poetry is absolutely beautiful. 🌸

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