There are a lot of things we want or to have before we finally kick that bucket, for some it might me death-defying stunts, but my list are not that dangerous at all.

Some are just simple, while some requires a lot of money to have. While sometimes I forgot to remember what I really want in life, thanks to the internet for slapping me with ideas that makes me dream more.

In the past few days, I’ve been sluggish again, having felt that I needed rest more than anything, just introspecting and deep thinking.

When things get rough, the buildup of emotions just ooze out, moving me from idleness to being creative all of the sudden.

The night prior to my birthday, I made a few paintings and continued days and nights after, knowing that the creative juices will eventually dry up. These are some that seemed fine to be shared here.

A Night Under the Stars
Watercolor on Paper

Village on a Hill
Watercolor on Paper

Note: You might find these familiar as I also found it on social media, credits to the owner of the reference photographs.

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