“I will not talk about my job.” I said to myself.

No, it’s not about not taking pride over what I do or due to some confidential reason.

It already eats a large portion of my day, and I want to only share the other part of life.

Whenever I talk to other people, I only want deep conversations, discussing ideas or sharing plans.

But today is different, it marked my second year of employment, which helped me finance most of my goals in life, but this is not about my job, it’s about something bigger.

Before graduation, I said that it will be my first checkpoint in life, the starting point of my five-year goals, the 10-year goals, and so on.

No, I am not an overachiever, not even close. I don’t compete, and I don’t expect myself to excel or to be outstanding.

Call it as being mediocre, and it maybe true. I have goals and plans already laid out, but it’s not about comparing mine from someone else, it doesn’t mean someone is better.

Success is subjective, I define my own meaning of success, and it’s a difficult journey knowing it’s robotic to have a timeline to achieve things in life.

It’s never easy to reach a goal in life, it needs passion, there is hardwork, there are prayers and there is luck.

I have seen myself grow in the past two years, and I’m grateful for all the people who saw my potential and trusted me along the way.

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Photo by Austin Neill on Unsplash
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6 thoughts on “Life’s Checkpoint

  1. We know not of checks and balances yet if people do criticize what you or me do in our own time. Do we always allow it to linger, or can we as individuals give that in limited borders. To know when and what life can make us think on a single moment of frustration and anxiety.

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