In my hometown, at least three communities has access to free water, which originally taps in two major water sources in Mt. Pangasugan.

Around 40 years ago, people were still keeping water on huge clay jars and collecting it using galons (1-gallon glass or plastic jugs) from springs located at various spots near the mountainside, and it takes long walks and may entail dangers of encountering snakes.

One water source is called busay (lit. a waterfall), it is a bubbling underground spring found nearby the Lago-lago river, it requires around an hour of trekking to find the area.

The area on the river nearby is also called busay, it was a favorite swimming spot of the locals before it was developed further into a water source for the city by the Water District.

A water pipe directs from the spring towards Brgy. Patag providing most household with free water supply.

Another pipe directs towards busay, a namesake for a man-made communal area, which is a community-driven project to provide easy access to water in Barrio Gabas.

It is located at the back of Gabas Central School, community school for elementary students. Recently, it was upgraded with a concrete water tower, for consistent water pressure during peak usage.

For most of the people, the busay is still a choice for washing clothes and bathing, although a safer water supply is now available.

Although a river and a brook flows between rice fields, some areas still have difficulty in irrigation during summer season, but with a long hose connected to busay, it now irrigates a specific areas and helps more families on farther areas of the community.

Source of Life
Watercolor on Paper

For some water is hydration or watering potted plants, but on a bigger perspective, water is life and it drives development and helps create sustainable communities.

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