He walked faster, each time with a bigger step, he was almost running when he reach the station.

“Sorry.” He said to each person he overtakes.

There were inaudible noise from the people chattering in the crowd. Still breathing heavily, he paused for a minute and took a piece of paper from his pocket.

“Please don’t go.” He murmured as he read the scribbles on the crumpled paper.

He rushed to the bus and searched the windows, looking for a lady, but she was not there.

The bus honks. He was startled.

“Wait. Wait. Wait!” He demanded.

The bus left. He stood there for sometime, watching the crowd boarding another bus. He looked at his watch, it was past 10 PM.

From afar, he saw a familiar face. His eyes was fixed at her as he walked slowly towards her, tears began rolling down his face.

Her gaze met his eyes, her cheeks became red and tears started building up on her eyes.

She walked away, but he ran to her and grabbed her hand and hugged her. She tried to break away from him but she can’t.

Sobbing—she cried it all.

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Photo by Mark Jefferson Paraan on Unsplash
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