I’m happy with the sunshine, but someone needed rain.

Life to me is different from what life is to you. That works the other way around. It is because we grew up differently. We may be the best of friends or not. We may be the worst of enemies or not.

We may be strangers that met in a split second of life. What we do we share in common? It is that we live in our ideals in a world of reality. Some keep it safe deep inside from other’s criticisms. Some are too optimistic to believe in it too much.

Some are in between who knows his limits and can manage to transform what’s ideal into a reality. The danger of becoming too much of an idealist is we bump into other’s beliefs. It will anger other’s hearts—but what is more common is that our worst enemy is our own selves.

Our own peace in leaving in our ideals in like seeing too much “blue sky” for others. We may distance ourselves to what we see as something which is not useful or someone who is useless.But that doesn’t that we use other people.

We just need them because we can learn and grow while we are with them. There is no emotional attachment as an acquaintance but we regard these people as teachers or mentors. There are also people who are intelligent and are achievers in almost anything in life. We do not see them as a competition because we do not compete in life.

We do things that makes us happy and our outcomes startles others because we don’t seem to do so much effort.

We always fail because we try so much things in life. It doesn’t make us feel sad but instead it entertain us seeing ourselves fail again and again because slowly we see where our faults are.

We are like our own jests making ourselves happy with our tinkering and brainstorming.People sometimes laugh at us because they don’t believe that we can do it and because it seems impossible—or what it seems as something unrealistic.We start our craft small and slowly we build it bigger till we done.

Others may think that we disregard their words because we never stop—or we stopped—but the truth is we ponder on their opinions and see whether we can learn from it or not. We do not argue because we know conflicts arise from it, instead, we talk so that we could understand from each other.

Note: Originally posted publicly on Facebook as a project on Philosophy of Man (submitted to H. Gonzales)

Photo by Rodion Kutsaev on Unsplash
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